ENSEA article

ENSEA article

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One of the pitch events at the Energy Convention in November 2013, showcased ENSEA, the European North Sea Energy Alliance. It is an initiative by Energy Valley. The pitch consisted of a number of interesting presentations by industry participants in ENSEA. But what is the aim of the ENSEA partnership as a whole? The project was set up in 2012 to develop collaboration between four North Sea regions in energy and systems integration, to help achieve Europe’s climate and energy goals at lower cost through innovative solutions. This collaboration takes the form of a consortium, bringing together universities, research institutes, businesses, regional authorities and other public or private partners and stakeholders. The four regions in the partnership are the North-Netherlands, Northwest-Germany, Scotland and Norway, each with their own ‘energy-research cluster’. ENSEA builds on previous collaborative efforts between the North-Netherlands and Northwest Germany. Other regions or countries are likely to join the partnership during the next phase of the project, notably Denmark and England.

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The Energy Academy Europe provides education, conducts research and fosters innovation in the field of energy while working towards the transition to a sustainable energy future.

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