European Parliament allocates funding to analyze North Sea Region growth potential

European Parliament allocates funding to analyze North Sea Region growth potential

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The North Sea Commission has been in close dialogue with the European Parliament about the need to analyze the North Sea region’s growth potential and the added value of having a future shared macro-regional strategy for the North Sea. At the plenary meeting on 23rd October, the European Parliament endorsed the proposed action and approved a budget line of €250.000 in 2014 for a preparatory action.

Background The North Sea Commission developed the North Sea Region 2020 strategy paper in consultation with members and stakeholders in the North Sea Region. The strategy paper regards the North Sea Region as a territorial cooperation area, and its strategic focus is on the major challenges and common characteristics where transnational action and collaborative working is considered to give added value.

The strategy paper identifies five strategic priorities that are closely linked to the EU2020 objectives and contributes to the implementation of several (if not all) of the EU2020 flagship initiatives:

  1. Managing maritime space
  2. Increasing accessibility and clean transport
  3. Tackling climate change
  4. Attractive and sustainable communities
  5. Promoting innovation and excellence

A preparatory action The strategy paper was a first step towards analyzing the challenges and opportunities for the North Sea area and exploring the potential for regional growth in support of the EU 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

However, to fully explore the regional growth potential and lay the grounds for a future strong North Sea region, there is a need to carry out more in-depth analysis of the strategic priorities in the North Sea Region 2020 strategy paper and their added value in a European community context.

Activities The proposed preparatory action will therefore finance a number of coordinated activities that will focus on:

  • In-depth analysis/studies of the five priorities identified in the North Sea Region 2020 strategy paper
  • Stakeholder conferences to address the issues of commitment, cooperation and content
  • Follow-up dialogue with stakeholders including the European Commission, Member states and regional authorities

The proposed preparatory action does not aim at establishing a macro-regional strategy. Rather, it seeks to examine the areas and sectors of common interest and to explore and build commitment among stakeholders, thereby providing a basis for decision on the future development and creation of growth in the North Sea region.

Output The final output of the action will be an in-depth analysis of the North Sea region’s growth potential, including possible intervention areas, and a white book from the North Sea Commission to the EU and Member States about the potential and added value of a shared regional strategy and cooperation for the North Sea Region.

Link to original news item: http://www.northseacommission.info/index.php/about/146-focus-articles/293-north-sea-commission-seeks-funding-from-the-european-parliament-to-analyze-north-sea-region-growth-potential.

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