Interregional Workshop on Energy System Integration around the North Sea - European North Sea Energy Alliance

Interregional Workshop on Energy System Integration around the North Sea – European North Sea Energy Alliance

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On 16 and 17 October 2013, the partners of the European North Sea Energy Alliance (ENSEA) came together for their first interregional workshop, hosted by the Energy Research Centre Niedersachsen (EFZN).

On the first day, the results from extensive quantitative and qualitative regional analyses where presented and discussed between the ENSEA project partners. This discussion delivered a first real insight into the synergies between partner regions and highlighted the opportunities for cooperation in relation to the integration of (renewable) energy sources in and around the North Sea. The insights presented will be used to further define the content of the ENSEA Joint Action Plan: a prioritized list of key subjects and regional resources that will be developed through interregional cooperation by industry, the public sector and academia in an attempt to realize an integrated, more durable North Sea energy system.

On the second day, ENSEA partners gave their own perspectives on the regional analyses as part of the 6th annual Lower Saxony – Energy Days. In addition, a fringe event to the regular Energy Days program, the different ENSEA regions presented interesting perspectives on how energy development within their own region might benefit from or influence wider North Sea energy system.

The Rogaland (NO) region presented an in depth analysis of their network of hydropower plants, which in time may provide a unique opportunity for large scale energy storage in a wider and more integrated North Sea energy system.

The Energy Valley region in the Northern Netherlands highlighted the potential to re-use existing offshore E&P infrastructure for renewable energy purposes through an innovative concept called “green decommissioning”.

The Scottish region focused on a more socially embedded aspect of the required integration of renewable energy technologies; the enormous possibilities for more alignment of energy production and energy consumption by means of demand side management.

Concluding, the region of Lower Saxony finished this session by clarifying how renewable energy developments in Northern Germany will influence the wider energy system and where alternative solutions to large infrastructural problems may be found.

Later that day, the different regional perspectives discussed in a panel session featuring all regional partners.

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