Jepma: “Benut de Noordzee als energie-hotspot”

Jepma: “Benut de Noordzee als energie-hotspot”

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Energy Professor Jepma: “Use old fossil infrastructure for the new sustainable projects.”                  

Catrinus Jepma argues in his column “Use the North Sea as energy hotspot” in Energiepodium.nl that billions can be saved if only a part of the old gas and oil platforms would be re-used. The largest regional energy investment in Europe is  in the Energy Valley region. The investment is about 27 billion euros for the period 2010-2020 of which 45 % is  in renewable energy. He stresses that the  North Sea  is not only important for the offshore wind farms but also for the offshore power cables, storage of wind power and storage of CO2.

Furthermore, he observes that the production of oil and gas at sea is reduced. As a result,  more than 600 oil and gas platforms and 10,000 miles of pipelines in the North Sea will be dismantled. Thus, the professor wonders whether the building of sustainable capacity and the reduction of fossil capacity cannot be done “smarter”. He advocates for a joint alignment between the North Sea countries, such as  the North Seas Countries’ Offshore Grid Initiative and the European North Sea Energy Alliance (ENSEA). However, he acknowledges that this requires a lot of political attention.

The article is in Dutch and it can be found at Energiepodium.nl.

About Catrinus Jepma
Catrinus Jepma is Professor of Energy and Sustainability at the University of Groningen and scientific director of the Energy Delta Gas Research Programme ( EDGaR ​​) and the EDIaal program of the Energy Delta Institute. In his column he writes about the energy market.


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