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The North Sea Commission (NSC) is a cooperation platform for regions around the North Sea and has 5 themes they focus on, one of those themes is Energy and Climate Change.

In October the members gathered for a meeting on the North Sea Grid. Tomorrow, 29th January, the stakeholdermeeting in cooperation with DG Mare in Edinburgh takes place. Both ENSEA and NSC are envolved in this meeting. A short interview with Paulien Kooistra.

As an advisor of the Energy and Climate Change working group, Paulien Kooistra is the linking pin between several platforms (ENTSOE, CPMR, projects and the regional representatives of the group) and projects like ENSEA in the North Sea Region.

Paulien: “ENSEA became involved in the North Sea Commission through the coastal provinces of the Netherlands already being a member of the NSC. Another connection was made in Norway where Camilla Loevaas Stavnes was involved in both ENSEA and NSC.”

The NSC has various themes they focus on. You participate in the Energy and Climate change group. What is the main focus of the group? Paulien explains: “The energy and climate change group of the NSC focusses on developing energy related project ideas. Offshore wind and the North Sea Energy Grid, and Smart cities and regions are some of the fields the group addresses.”

During the meeting in October the North Sea Grid was one of the subjects addressed. Paulien emphasizes: “A development strategy for the North Sea region is an ideal platform. Both for the debate reliable essay writing service on and delivery of an E.U. wide integrated energy and climate change strategy.” The heart being the North Sea Energy grid.
In future the NSC is aiming for a wide range of project development in the fields of tidal, blue and wave energy, clean shipping, LNG for ships, trucks and trains. Paulien rounds up by inviting those interested to join the annual conference: “To get an idea of our aims the NSC will organize study visits to some of those or similar projects in Transport and to Energising Deltas (Afsluitdijk in the Netherlands).”

Want to learn more or become a member of the North Sea Commission? Send an email to Paulien Kooistra: Kooistra@energyvalley.nl or visit the website of the North Sea Commission.

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