Partner: Scotland

Partner: Scotland

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In this newsletter we would like to introduce one of the regions participating in the ENSEA project – Scotland.  David Butler, regional representative for Scotland on the project, explains why Scottish Enterprise and the other Scottish partners joined the project and what contributions can be made by Scotland.

David Butler

David Butler

He says: “We could see that the North Sea plays a big part in the economies of all of the participating regions involved in ENSEA. This immediately meant we have some common opportunities and challenges facing us that could be better addressed through collaboration.”  They were also delighted to be involved with their Dutch and German partners who have shown how effective closer working can be with their Energy Valley partnership.  Scotland is hoping to develop ENSEA as a long term partnership.

The Scottish cluster is represented by the triple helix of Scottish Enterprise, Energy Technology Partnership(representing 12 universities) and Scottish Renewables.

Scottish Enterprise is Scotland’s main enterprise, investment and innovation agency, delivering a wide range of services to support business development, research, innovation and investment, particularly focused on SMEs.

The Energy Technology Partnership is the largest power and energy research and education partnership in Europe clustering the excellence from 12 Scottish Universities and is funded by Scottish and UK Government research funds, Scottish Enterprise, other public bodies and industry.

Scottish Renewables is the trade organisation representing the full renewable energy industry in Scotland and includes over 150 SMEs and has over 300 members working in the sector.

The three organisations have established a long-term collaboration to facilitate knowledge transfer across the sector and identify opportunities to attract research and development focused investment. Examples of collaboration include: ITREZ, Scotland’s International Technology and Renewable Energy Zone for the development of the offshore renewables sector.

It acts as a global R&D hub, bringing business and academia together; PNDC (Power Networks Demonstration Centre) is a large‐scale investment project across industry, academia and the public sector aimed at providing world‐class facilities to accelerate the adoption of new, ‘smart’ technologies, from advanced power grids to electric cars and household appliances. It targets the international energy sector for participation in its research programme.

A new Chief Minister and his cabinet free quote at website were sworn in today, after their party did well in the state elections here earlier in December.
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