Presenting the ENSEA partners: Norway

Presenting the ENSEA partners: Norway

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Prof. Mohsen AProf. Mohsen Assadissadi, Professor at the University of Stavanger and Managing Director at the Center for Sustainable Energy Solutions (CenSE), the regional coordinator for Rogaland, Norway, explains why they joined the project and the contribution they can make to ENSEA.

CenSE’s R&D activities cover a combination of renewable energy and clean fossil-based energy, providing sustainable energy solutions with a focus on knowledge transfer from a strong petroleum sector in the region, to new energy alternatives. The energy company Lyse and County Council of Rogaland are the other partners from the triple helix in the region.

We asked Prof. Assadi why the region wanted to join the ENSEA project: ‘We have a strong energy cluster in our region and we see this project as a good way of further increasing our collaboration with other regions around the North Sea.’

The region has a number of initiatives which can contribute towards the success of ENSEA, as Prof. Assadi indicated,‘ the use of a fiber optic network for energy efficiency, end user services and intelligent methods and tools for monitoring, control and optimization, and the regional innovation system are among the strongest possible contributions we can make to the future of cross-regional collaboration. We hope these innovations will help to develop a reliable, integrated energy system in the North Sea region.’

The strength of Norway in the North Sea’s energy system is that in addition to oil and gas the country is also home to 50% of Europe’s, hydro resources, offering a flexible renewable energy source which can be exported to Europe to play a role in balancing and back-up services. Assadi emphasized that they also have very good conditions for wind energy (onshore and offshore) and biogas in the region.

When asked what results he would like to achieve when the ENSEA project has ended, Assadi said: ‘We hope that the system integration approach will contribute to solving the energy challenges around the North Sea, and bringing the partner regions closer together in addressing these challenges. The project will bring academia, public sector and companies together and strengthen our competences for addressing the energy challenges of the future.’

‘Together with the other partners of ENSEA we will create the energy solutions for the future.’


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