Regional workshop in the Energy Valley region

Regional workshop in the Energy Valley region

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On September the 13th the regional workshop for the Dutch partners of the European North Sea Energy Alliance (ENSEA) project was held at Kaap Hoorn in Haren. On the day, several presentations were held regarding three important aspects of energy system integration; infrastructe developments in the North Sea, the development of power-to-gas technology and bio-energy. Following the presentations,  attendees split into groups to discuss and debate the topics and share their expert opinions in relation to the themes covered by the presentations.

In a short welcome Gerrit van Werven, General Director of Energy Valley, emphasized the importance of this project and how it relates to the current and future sustainable energy developments taking place in and around the North Sea. Koos Lok then gave an introduction to the ENSEA project explaining its strategic role, the position of the Netherlands, the North Sea as a potential hotspot for the energy transition. He also looked forward, discussing what will be required to facilitate a much-needed integration of renewable energy resources with existing energy infrastructure.

After the introductions three presentations were held. The first, again presented by Koos Lok from the Energy Valley Foundation, covered the infrastructural developments on the North Sea; green decommissioning of existing infrastructure, underground gas storage, carbon capture and storage and supergrid developments. Then Catrinus Jepma from the Energy Delta Institute continued with a presentation about power-to-gas. He informed participants about the latest developments, the potential role for power-to-gas as a backup for intermittent renewables and possibilities for a pilot project on the North Sea. The final presentation was held by Luc Rabou from Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN) who gave a brief analysis and overview of energy production from biomass. This included an insight into the production and use of bioenergy technologies within ENSEA partner-countries and proposed different scenarios for utilization of biomass in the future.

Following the presentations, delegates broke into two discussion groups; one group focused on green decommissioning of existing offshore energy infrastructure and power-to-gas, the other on bio-energy. Both sessions were centred around a theorem that was discussed through four perspectives; networks, utilization, human capital and public awareness. The results from these sessions will contribute towards a regional SWOT-analysis. Similar analyses are being made in the other regions participating in the ENSEA project and together will result in an interregional SWOT; with the aim of facilitating opportunities for cooperation in energy system integration in the North Sea region.

Download the Presentation ENSEA regional workshop NL – pdf 4MB.

And so begins the second year in free quote Delhi, and the fourth year in India.
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