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The ENSEA project has come to the point that triple helix partners from other regions around the North Sea can be involved in project development and can participate in different thematic Working Groups within ENSEA. We are happy to announce the involvement of the North Jutland region as an Associated Partner. A short interview with Morten Lemvigh, Head of Office, of North Denmark Region and Eskild Holm-Nielsen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science of AAU Esjberg on how they got involved with with ENSEA and about their expectations of the Associated Partnership.

Energy Vision answers to ENSEA questions
The invitation to applying for associated partnership in ENSEA came from Stavanger University with whom Aalborg University has an increasing number of collaborations. The applicant was North Jutland energy platform, EnergyVision, on behalf of the North Denmark Region, North Jutland municipalities, Aalborg University, and North Jutland companies as well as AAU Esbjerg.

Morten Lemvigh, Head of Office of North Denmark Region

Morten Lemvigh, Head of Office of North Denmark Region

Indicating the main area of interest where the North Denmark region and ENSEA connect Morten Lemvigh says: “As a regional authority, energy system integration is a key to achieving two converging goals: the movement towards a smarter and greener energy system and the promotion of business within the field. Both aspects are currently highly prioritized at a strategic level in North Denmark and will be even more so in the future.” He continues: “Furthermore, it is apparent that steps towards the smart energy system of the future must be seen in a trans-regional context just as business development may obtain crucial R&D fertilization from exchange of knowledge and ideas with partners from our adjacent countries and regions in the North Sea Region.”

Eskild Holm-Nielsen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science of AAU Esjberg

Eskild Holm-Nielsen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science of AAU Esjberg

Eskild Holm-Nielsen mentioned that participation in ENSEA gives Aalborg University the opportunity to further intensify the collaboration with partners in the North Sea Region. He states: “At a concrete level, AAU hopes to become part of a successful platform for projects and partnerships within many of the thematic work groups of ENSEA. These thematic areas include: North Sea Power Ring, Sustainable Communities, Research & Education. Many of these activities may involve our campus in Esbjerg.”

Asking about the expectations of the associated partnership with ENSEA Morten Lemvigh  replies: “As a means to achieving these overall targets, the North Denmark Region hopes to accelerate triple-helix based collaboration between SME’s, authorities, and  research institutions within the region as well as between regions. Participation in ENSEA is thus a very promising tool because North Denmark already has strong traditions of collaboration within most of the thematic focus areas covered by ENSEA. We are very hopeful that these strengths may be increased by our engagement in the efforts of ENSEA to form an alliance around the North Sea through specific projects.”

Eskild Holm-Nielsen says: “Based on the invitations for collaborations we have received so far (having been an associated partner for only a short period), we see this as an excellent opportunity to engage in projects with the right scope and quality addressing important challenges of today and of the future.”

Also interested in becoming an Associated Partner? Download the factsheet ENSEA – Associated Partner – Information for interested third parties with more information and on how to get in touch.

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Wednesday 26 June 2013 the closing conference of the Energy Vision North Sea Region (EVNSR) project took place during the EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels. At this meeting the Interreg IVb cluster project presented its findings with respect to (i) opportunities for smart interregional cooperation and specialization towards a more sustainable and integrated energy system around the North Sea, and (ii) the results of an analysis of the “Big Wins” of 9 different energy-related projects implemented under the Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme between 2007 and 2013.

  1. Smart Interregional Specialisation and Cooperation in the NSR
  2. Renewable energy technology development and integration in the NSR

Under the watchful eye of some 60 representatives of regional, national and international governments, research institutes and representatives from the business; project coordinator Koos Lok of the Energy Valley Foundation handed over the EVNSR analyses results to the president of North Sea Commission Mr. Ole http://paydayloans.greattowait.com/ Sörenson and chairman the North Sea Region Programme Mr. Christian Byrith.

EVNSR - Final Conference - Overdracht 
From left to right: Koos Lok (Energy Valley), Ole Sörensen (North Sea Commission), Christian Byrith (North Sea Region Programme), Charlotte Kedslie (Aberdeen City Council

Due to the success of this very cost-effective project, a project extension was granted until October 2nd 2013. During this extension, project partners will actively seek to further disseminate and discuss practical ideas for synergistic cooperation between North Sea regions and eight specific “Building Blocks” (ideas for development of an integrated energy systems around the North Sea on the basis of previous Interreg IVb project results / “Big Wins”).

For more information about the EVNSR project results and analysis you can download the pdf documents added. If you have any further questions or interested in developing or discussing the appointed themes or “Building Blocks” please contact Robbin van der Linde at vanderlinde@energyvalley.nl.

EVNSR – Vision Paper 26-06-2013

EVNSR – Analyses results 26-06-2013



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