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The ENSEA project entailsĀ a step by step approach to identify opportunities to work together with regions around the North Sea and address the challenges of Energy System Integration. Different work packages have been set up, each specifying the activities in the different phases in this process.

At this point, we are happy to announce that the activities with respect to analysing the regional innovation capacities of the individual ENSEA regions is nearing its completion. Desk studies, interviews (with important private and public stakeholders as well as knowledge institutions) and regional workshops have been organized as part of Work Package two (WP2).

Insights gathered through these activities have lead to a in depth analysis of existing regional innovation systems and identifies opportunities for synergetic cooperation on energy system integration across the different ENSEA regions.

The coming months the partners will contribute to the definition of a Joint Action Plan, specifying how regions will be able to take advantage of each others regional talents in future projects while contributing to the development of a competitive and innovative energy economy throughout the North Sea region.

The results of these efforts entail the outcomes of work package number three of the project and will be presented at the ENSEA Midterm Conference, taking place in Stavanger Norway in May 2014.

ENSEA – Work package 2 explained – 735kB

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